Christmas is here!


It’s finally December!!!

I have been waiting so long for this because I am a sucker for christmas! When christmas is over I look forward to the next christmas.. or at least til it will be okay to start listening to christmas music and watching christmas movies again. This year I already started to listening to christmas music in the end of september and added the movies in mid october. Call me crazy, but I really, really like christmas.



Even when christmas is now filled with exams and is totally different from when I was living at home, I still find christmastime to be joyful and filled with lots of tradition and hygge (get used to that word, I’m danish).

Advent calendars has alway been one of my favorite things about christmas, no matter if is ¬†on of the chocolate one, home made or the ones that’s on tv (are those tv advent calendars a thin outside scandinavia??)

This year I wake up to my moms home made advent calendar and the tea advent calendar from A.C. Perch’s Thehandel.



Why I Stopped Reading the News

Something happened today that made me want to share one of the things that I found out is making my anxiety worse.

About 2 years ago my anxiety was at its worst (feeling bad everyday and having major anxiety attacks about nothing 4-7 days a week). I was struggling to keep myself together and to attend the classes I was supposed to attend.

Randomly I stumbled upon an interview (posted on the site from one of the danish newspapers) about a woman who hadn’t seen, read or listened to any news in about 10 years.

Her reason for not doing so was pretty simple: It made her anxious!

After reading the interview I quickly reflected on my own life and realized that I went through almost every newspapersite everyday. I even went through them several times a day if something had happened (f.eks. major disasters or theorist attacks in major european citys*) and I couldn’t stop myself until there was no more news.

My conclusion was (and is): going through the newssites og watching the news on tv is making my anxious and misserable.

After realising that some of my anxiety came from reading the news, I decided to stop reading the news for a couple of weeks to see if my anxiety would ease up. And guess what? It worked!

All the anxiety and nervousness didn’t go away, but it eased up and sometimes a little bit is better than nothing at all!

Since discovering what reading the news did to me, I’ve had longer periodes where I didn’t read any news other than headlines popping up on my facebook-feed, when family and friends liked or commented on something. But now and then I end up in the same old ruth were I go through every newssite once or twice a day, and the same thing happens every time (maybe after 2-4 days depending on what kind of news there is). Every time I start reading the news again I start to feel a little bit anxious and get the idea that there are no good people left (or at least there are fewer and fewer of them).

Just because I don’t read the news does not necessarily mean that I don’t know what happens around the world. If there is an article popping up in my newsfeed, that I find interesting I might go read it. By that said, I try to limit myself to only listen to the news when my radio is going. My brain seems to only be able to manage those 4-5 minutes of news they deliver every hour.

But now and again I fall back and it’s always ending up as a reminder of why I try to keep away from it as much as possible. (the same goes for comments on news articles on facebook)

*It’s not because I don’t care about the attacks when they happen in other parts of the world, but for me they just become a lot scarier/anxiety inducing when they happens closer to where I live or places I’ve been.

Find Your Light in the Dark

img_0033-edit2-find-the-light-in-the-darkThe last 2-3 weeks my mood has been a bit low. Some of it has to do with that it’s getting darker and colder outside and the rest of it, I think, has something to do with my current life situation.

The dark I’m taking care of with a light therapy lamp but my life situation is much harder just solving in an easy way.

Because of my anxiety and depression, I’m 2 years behind on my bachelor and everyone I started with and still friends with, just started their masters. Several of them have kids or starting to have kids, some are getting engaged and getting married. It makes me feel very much behind in life and being stuck while everyone is moving on with their lifes.

Sometimes it can make me feel left behind! But the things I try to remind myself about is:

  • There is always light in the dark. You just have to find it!
  • No journey trough life is the same because we are all different.

My light right now is that I have the time to get things done and work for the future I wish for me!

Time is Fleeting

“Time is Fletting” is my new start i the world of blogging. I picked the name after I’ve been humming the Time Warp song from the Rocky Horror Picture Show, for about 2 days. I suddenly realized how much the sentence “Time is fleeting” give sense for my life right now. Don’t we all know the feeling that this year, 2016, just began and now it’s the end of Oktober and the year is nearly over? I certainly feel that this year has been way to short!

This blog is going to be my outlet to document my life and my thoughts.

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